A patent pending revolutionary new diet that actually works!

The Dr TED Diet™ Program

Dr TED Diet™ Overview

Dr TED Diet Goals and Objectives

The Dr. TED Diet™, Thermogenic Endorphin (releasing) Diet , Program is an individually crafted low calorie diet which is quite specific as to food choices.

The Patent Pending Dr. TED Diet™ program includes a varied combination of specific foods to choose from your local grocery store. B12 / B6 injections and Transdermal creams intended to improve mood are also part of the Dr. TED Diet™ program. There have been minimal complaints of hunger, fatigue or depression while on the diet and  typically patients lose at least 1/2 pound a day.

The Dr. TED Diet™ does NOT consist of prepackaged processed foods full of preservatives, but offers food selections from your local grocery store. Dr. TED Diet™ is a diet of “Real Food” for “Real People”. Since the patient is not required to purchase pre-packaged meals, it makes the Dr. TED Diet™ program very cost effective as well.

The Dr. TED Diet™ program is a medically supervised SAFE, Protein Sparing and RAPID weight loss program. The very nature of the Dr. TED Diet™ Program provides patients with quick and dramatic results.  Early successes are supported by monitoring and education which helps patients maintain their commitment and adherence to the Program.

    Results Are what matter:
  • Thousands of patients have lost over 10% of their body weight while gaining muscle mass.
  • An independent FDA study that “looked at previous patients” found 95% had lost their targeted weight (20 lbs to over 100 lbs).
  • 97% in the same study lost 10% or more of their body weight.
  • Typically male patients lose 1 pound a day and female patients lose at least ½ a pound a day

Main Goals and Objectives of Dr. TED Diet™ Program

The Dr. TED Diet™, Thermogenic Endorphin (releasing) Diet, addresses several of the common problems of weight loss by supporting the metabolism hormonally while dieting.

The Dr. TED Diet™ program is designed not only for a rapid and safe weight loss, but offers coaching and education with a “Diet Team” for an ongoing lifestyle changes. Making the right choices keeps the weight off.

The Main goals and objectives of the Dr. TED Diet™, Thermogenic Endorphin (releasing) Diet, include:

  • Lose weight rapidly, but safely through this medically supervised program.
  • Lose fat only and not lean muscle mass.
  • Keep the weight off by making healthy choices

What a Dr. TED Diet™ patient receives

Dr TED Diet Goals and Objectives Our Dr. TED Diet™ Licensed medical offices offer the best care in monitoring and guiding you through your Dr. TED Diet™ experience and weight loss transition. The “Diet Team” at each office will coach and monitor you throughout your transition and help maximize your weight loss.

Every Dr. TED Diet™ Patient receives:

  • A free medical consultation
  • EKG-if directed by physician
  • Lab tests
  • Before/After pictures and measurements
  • Weekly counseling with your medical staff (“Diet Team”).
  • B12 and B6 shots.
  • Patient Information Folder with complete instructions.
  • (2) Transdermal creams intended to elevate mood.
  • Weigh ins to determine Body Mass Index(BMI)
  • Use of the K-1 Triangular Oscillation System Whole Body Vibration Machine.

A lifetime program with a low Glycemic Index Maintenance plan is also offered.

What to Expect from the Dr T.E.D Diet™

With the supervision of our Dr. TED Diet™ Licensed Physicians patients can expect to lose weight rapidly and safely. We recommend that you check your schedule and try to plan the Dr. TED Diet™ to avoid vacations, holidays, or other events which can strain your ability to follow the program. The Dr. TED Diet™ is a diet of “Real Food” for “Real People”, not prepackaged foods purchased from us.

Several of our own staff members have lost between 25 and 85 lbs. on the Dr. TED Diet™. Maintaining weight loss can improve overall health for a life time.

You may expect:

  • Medical supervision
  • Rapid and safe weight loss.
  • Training on the K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine
  • Ability to purchase Dr. TED Diet™ foods from your local grocery store.
  • Reduced complaints of fatigue and hunger.
  • A “Diet Team” who will coach you on Lifestyle choices.
  • A low Glycemic Index Maintenance program that will help keep the weight off.

During the time frame of the program, typically, women lose ½ lb. a day and men 1 lb a day. There are few complaints of fatigue and hunger throughout this medically supervised program.

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